M&B Wellness Solutions

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Train Through Recovery

‚ÄčSince before its inception, the goal of M&B Wellness Solutions has been to bridge the gap between physical therapy in the traditional sense and rehabilitation structured specifically for athletes.  

As a whole, athletes continue to push the human body beyond what we previously thought was the edge - THE breaking point - therefore, they shouldn't be expected to rehabilitate through an injury the same way.

At M&B Wellness Solutions, we have the ability to combine physical therapy, personal training and nutrition consultation, chiropractic care, and massage therapy to bridge the gap between injury, rehabilitation, and optimal return-to-sport performance allowing athletes to train through their recovery.

Our convenient location inside iThinkFit Gym gives our physical therapist the ability to communicate and work directly with highly qualified personal trainers each with their own competitive athletic background, most having competed at the collegiate or professional level.  This allows us to bring our athletes the best rehabilitation program possible.