Initial Evaluation - evaluation of injury by licensed physical therapist. This will include outcome measures and strength and range of motion measurements to determine the source of an injury and monitor its progress through rehabilitation. This is required for an individual to receive cold laser therapy at any one of M&B Wellness Solutions locations.

Single Laser Session - In regards to rehabilitation and rebuilding micro-tears in muscle, cold laser therapy works very similar to drinking a protein shake. Receiving cold laser therapy is beneficial at any time of day, however clients see the greatest benefit when it's done following a workout.

"Pre/Post" Sessions -includes a laser session immediately before and after a workout. The cold laser has been shown to be a valuable localized warm-up for muscles and joints. This gets blood flowing to an injury making it ready to accept the stress of exercise. It’s also been shown to substantially decrease delayed onset muscle soreness which is great for individuals that are new to exercise.

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