Physical Therapy and Personal Training Combined

This is a program designed to substantially decrease the amount of deconditioning that occurs and an athlete’s time out of sport during injury rehabilitation. An individual going through PT Squared begins with an evaluation of their injury by a licensed physical therapist and a consultation with the physical therapist and a personal trainer with whom they will be working. During this consultation, each individual has a chance to give input toward the athlete’s rehabilitative program. The athlete describes his current training regimen, the physical demands required by his specific position, and what goals he has for this training and/or competition cycle. The physical therapist discusses the nature of the athlete’s injury, what precautions need to be taken regarding the amount of stress and load the injury can be expected to tolerate at the specific time in it’s healing process, and what complications may arise. Finally, the personal trainer describes an outline for a training program designed to maintain and improve the athlete’s cardiovascular endurance, and continue to strengthen and progress the rest of the body while rehabilitating the injury. The physical therapist and personal trainer work together to find optimal lifts and load progressions. The athlete also automatically receives cold laser therapy as a part of this program. Utilizing cold laser therapy has been shown to decrease the healing time on an injury by up to 50% compared to rest and ice alone. Between cold laser therapy and an guided exercise regimen, we aim to consistently cut the time returning from injury by 30% - 50%.

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