"I had a nagging 2 year old shoulder but after the first treatment it had felt the best it had felt in a long time. Now, after 5 treatments it has completely healed and even after some grueling shoulder workouts it hasn't regressed at all. Highly recommended!!"

- Sean Harley


Co-Owner of iThinkFit Gym

and Rock Solid Nutrition

"The pain in my forearms was to the point of having sharp pain when doing something as simple as gripping a large container, let alone complete my workout.  Under the guidance of Michaela, I've been keeping up with regular treatments, the pain is no longer an issue, and my workouts can continue pain-free!"

- Mindy Harley

Fitness Model

Owner of Social Empire

"Michaela did a quick laser treatment on one of my wrists before a piano performance in Orlando this past December with Mannheim Steamroller.  Halfway through the show, I wished I would have had her do my other wrist too!  Typically, my right wrist, which sustained a tendon injury last fall, is tired at the end of the show.  The night I received laser treatment, it felt great after the show - no sign of my past lethargy.  I love that the laser treatments are quick, and non-invasive.  And I love that they work!!  I also love Michaela and Brian, and know that they wouldn't put their hearts into a business (or a treatment method) that they didn't firmly believe in."

- Karlyn Jurgensen Daniel

Karlyn Music

Pianist, Mannheim Steamroller

“My name is Miranda and I’m currently in prep for my first NPC Bikini show, so you can only imagine how much frustration can happen when you hurt yourself 5 weeks out from your very first competition. I make lifting weights and nutrition a priority of mine every day. After a day of lifting and using excessive back and shoulder muscles, I started having really bad pain in my right shoulder up toward my pec area. I was instantly frightened knowing I couldn’t afford to take any weeks off from the gym and “recover”... I woke up the next two mornings with severe, sharp pain even taking my jacket off or raising my arm about horizontal… I had approached Michaela about getting in for a session and having her take a look at it to make sure I couldn’t do any more damage than what was already done. She ended up evaluating my shoulder very professionally and gave me an accurate diagnosis. Luckily, it wasn’t anything too serious. She advised that I will notice a difference by that evening and she was 100% correct. I even woke up the next morning with zero to little pain! Who would have thought such a treatment could heal so fast. I then did a second treatment the following day, and noticed even greater improvements upon movements rotating my shoulder! I am so glad that I was able to come across Michaela and M&B Wellness Solutions to heal me faster as an athlete. Need to mention the treatment is so quick and AFFORDABLE! As an athlete I am already back to lifting heavy and on the path to bettering myself with no pain or anything in my way! Thanks Michaela!!”

-- Miranda Geist
Omaha Pro NPC Duel of
Champions Competitor,

Rock Solid Athlete Manager

M&B Wellness Solutions

Your Complete Rehabilitation and Wellness Specialists

"Testimonial time! Tweaked my neck Saturday morning lifting heavy. Something I've done a time or two in my day so I knew I'd be looking at 3-4 days of not being able to turn my neck. I did two treatments of cold laser Saturday and woke up Sunday morning nearly pain free! Haven't missed a beat this week in my workout as I have just a little soreness is all but have full motion of my neck. If you are aching from an injury, you have to give this girl a call!!"

- Heath Murray

Co-Owner iThinkFit Gym

and Rock Solid Nutrition

"I've been extremely fortunate to have Brian and Michaela of M&B Wellness Solutions a part of the Skywalker 101 Boxing Academy.  Cold Laser Therapy has helped my athletes more than I ever would have imagined for their muscle recovery and injury rehabilitation. I've had a torn ACL for the last two years, but having them help me with my recovery process has helped me be able to do my job.  If you're an athlete in the Omaha area and not utilizing M&B Wellness Solutions services, you need to be.  By far the best way to recover your body after high level athletic performance.  Highly recommended!"

- Danny Molina

Head Coach

Skywalker 101 Boxing Academy